Designed To Prosper


A tried-and-tested method with 7 no-risk steps form the backbone of this book. The language is a light-reading style interspersed with real-life stories of fearlessness, belief and hope that will keep you engrossed. Tap into this successful life from today.

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Product Description

Are you game for some awe-inspiring success? Sensational prosperity perhaps? Would you prefer remarkable good health and jaw-dropping excellence? Maybe a recession-proof promotion? Do any of these qualities describe your life today? No, you say? Why not?

These things are prescribed for your life. They are there for your taking. This solution is backed with an ironclad and unconditional guarantee. The method is simple – 7 steps to your amazing success and a blissful life.

The BETHEL AG CHURCH experiences teaching that inspires from God’s Word. Testimonies of fruitfulness in all areas of life, happiness, and service to God are all by products of this teaching and obedience by grateful hearts. This book reveals the secret of the design in which you were made – the design of a life to prosper. This book can help every individual attain their goals (as per God’s will).