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Who Is Jesus


This book reveals the 7 claims of Jesus – the goodness of which we must see in our lives. This book can help every individual be aware of the 7 claims of Jesus and imbibe them into their life in faith (as per God’s will).

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Product Description

Are you aware that you are meant to be:

  • free of darkness in the Light of Jesus,
  • strengthened and nourished as branches by Jesus the Vine,
  • fed for your physical and spiritual growth by Jesus the Bread,
  • shown through the door to eternal life, to pastures, saved of your sins and gates of Hell devoid of any sacrifices by Jesus the Door,
  • joyful because you are destined for eternal life by the resurrection of Jesus,
  • shown the right way to eternal life in the truth by Jesus the Way, Truth and Life,
  • safe, protected, and loved like sheep by Jesus the Shepherd.

This is what Jesus claims as spoken in the Bible. His claims are real and His promises true. All we need is to believe in Him to take possession of all His 7 claims to have a life with Him till eternity.

The BETHEL AG CHURCH experiences teaching that inspires from God’s Word. We have believed and received the claims of Jesus in all areas of life. In happiness, service to God, and obedience by grateful hearts we want to share these claims of Jesus that are meant to be received by all who believe.