My Darling Saviour…A Poem


My Darling Saviour, You are True Love! My search is complete!

This day doth provoke an epitome of contradiction,
Of whether to rejoice exceedingly or mourn despairingly,
To praise The Divine Almighty or grieve His worldly rejection,
Was He deserving of melancholy in that garden so lonely?

How can there be a God, if He lets suffering in humanity –
An atheist’s question – human intellect believes it has a solid case,
Here’s a question for you who overlooked Good Friday’s reality –
Why did God let his only begotten Son die for all of human race?

If you can comprehend this with human intellect, you’re but a genius,
You can even tell me that there is no God, and therefore no agape,
But how can you understand such Love, the very being of Jesus –
When you believe that your intellect is sourced from an ape.

I tell you it is impossible to understand God’s intellect in all of His ways,
He saved the entirety of humanity, withholding not His Dearest,
Yes you may think God is a sadist, you may it even say,
But stop with your mortal blabber, his vision was for our best,
For you and me to live today, a Perfect Sacrifice was in request.

Drops of Blood He sweated in Gethsemane’s Garden of olive trees,
The emotional torture that engulfed His Soul shrouded all physical agony,
Flogged and mocked – the baseless brutality sanctioned without decree,
During the crucifixion – in misery he cried “Why have even You forsaken me”,
But The Father stopped not the ax, as it etched history’s most heartrending Love story!

Why it had to be so, I can never fully understand,
This ultimate sacrifice of Love for an unworthy wretch like me,
But I’ll ever be grateful, for that miracle He had planned,
On the sacred count of three – His tomb did lonesome stand!

I love My Jesus and I know He will always Love me,
I don’t deserve His Love, not in the past, surely not even now,
‘Thank You for depicting True Love’ – will Forever my Prayer be to Thee,
Dear Lord, please make me a vow – keep mortality at bay till I fathom Your Undying Love!


  1. God's begotten
    12 May 2018 14:39:45 Reply

    And Yes my search is COMPLETE

    07 Dec 2019 17:45:11 Reply

    This is a beautiful poem and just as God gets the full and deserving credit for creating this beautiful world, the poet should also be credited here!!

    • Bethel Team
      16 Jan 2020 12:32:28 Reply

      Dear Sister Grace,
      Thanks for your words of encouragement. Indeed this poem has blessed many. Glad that it has blessed your life too.

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