Faith as a mustard seed


Matthew 17:20:  If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move.

Faith is hoping that God would do what we ask for, provided it is in the will of God.  To move a mountain, God said have faith like a grain of mustard seed.  God never said to have mountain like faith to move a mountain.  Faith is demonstrating our hope and confidence in God, no matter how big or small a challenge is.

God wants to know the intensity of our faith, the words that we speak, how we act upon every situation of doubt and fear, etc.  In any given situation, we got to operate in faith.  Even when everything crumbles down or collapses, we should never ever give up our faith in God.  God wants us to have authority in what we say and speak.  Faith should be backed with godly authority.  Speak and it will happen.  God said “and it will move.”  He never said “it might move.”  Instead He said it will move.  When we look at our own circumstances, they can be overwhelmingly difficult for us to solve them.  They may seem high and lofty as the mountains, but at the mention of words filled with faith backed with power and authority in God, they will definitely bow down and back off and make our paths clear.

Whatever is standing in your path of success or growth today or whatever is causing your growth to be stunted will all be removed when you decide to go against them in faith, as small as a mustard seed.


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  1. Sherin Daniel
    06 Jun 2018 22:52:53 Reply

    God bless you pastor for keeping us motivated in faith. Pls pray that we follow the footsteps and wL in the path of Jesus christ our savior

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