Let fear not reign your hearts


Psalm 27:1 – The Lord is my light and my Salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Fear is the work of the devil. Fear is a demon that wants to take over lives in subtle ways. Ways that we do not even see. Fear makes man blind and along with fear comes blindness. We become blind to the way we eat sometimes. We become blind to the way we use our attitude. We become blind to the way we talk, laugh or even use our very senses that the Lord has given us to use it to praise and worship him in every way that we can. We have to everyday look into ourselves and introspect; be sensitive to the way we talk about each other to another. Are we encouraging each other in the love of God or are we busy becoming gossip mongers and creating our very own society of believers who know the Lord but instead of walking with him and in him; he is walking behind us? Are we glorifying ourselves in the pursuit of understanding holiness or are we glorifying the glory that brought us and made us the chosen vessel that we are today? At times we acclaim a place and position that is not rightfully ours. Let us not forget that we are the stewards of the people and place that the Lord has put us in. Let us not forget that we are the vessels of his holiness that the Holy Spirit finds his place to dwell and do the will of the father. Let us not forget that this journey that you and me have undertaken is not ours to decorate with the first fruits of our barn but it is the light of his workmanship and the glory of his name.






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  1. Jo
    17 Oct 2018 10:11:33 Reply

    Amen…Lord You are the master who reigns forever we are the work of your hand

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