Personality of prayer


Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell GOD your needs and don’t forget to thank HIM for HIS answers.     Philippians 4:6  (The Living Bible)

Every problem in our life comes with a worry attached.  In these situations of panic and anxiety, we often tend to lose our peace of mind. when we are overtaken by worry we cannot concentrate on things that are of importance in life or our day to day activities. The Bible says, DON’T WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING! it’s easier said than done, but surely it’s not impossible. We can overcome our worries, when we shape them into prayers.

Let our anxieties convert  as sweet incense of prayer to our lord Jesus.  how we react to our problems, reveals our personality.

When we start praying about every worry, that affects us, we can see that God is opening doors of solutions for the problems. It takes faith, to not worry and pray over the problem. Worrying affects productiveness, and as children of God, our  goal is to be productive for the kingdom of God, and in our personal lives as well.

So lets not let the temporary worries of our lives, affect our productivity for GOD and the people GOD has put in our lives, and lets make a commitment with our God, that in every difficult  situation, we will not be worried, but will shape our worries into prayers and faithfully trust our God to deliver us from every problem, and we shall not forget to thank him in advance for all the ways in which he delivers us.


  1. John Suresh Martin
    12 Jun 2019 11:17:14 Reply

    A meaningful devotion. Though we know this verse already but it is explained here to understand more..
    Thank you

    • Bethel Team
      13 Jun 2019 15:43:31 Reply

      Dear Brother John,
      We are so glad that today’s devotional was a blessing for you and helped you to understand the scripture better.


  2. Pushpa Samuel
    14 Jun 2019 06:49:36 Reply

    Praise GOD!! Very encouraging devotion. May our GOD continue to use Pastor Johnson Varughese more GOD’S Glory. Blessings & Gratitude

    • Bethel Team
      14 Jun 2019 14:11:36 Reply

      Dear Sister Pushpa,
      We are indeed glad to hear that you were blessed and encouraged through today’s devotional. Continue to keep this ministry in your prayers.


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