Proverbs 22:29:  Seest thou a man diligent in his business ? he shall stand before kings; he shall not standeth before mean men.

Diligent means to be careful and hard working.  If anybody is diligent in work, that person will stand before people of high ranking and not ordinary people.  A diligent worker earns favor and rewards from his master.  He shall stand before people of high cadre and do well.

Joseph was one such man who served his master with all diligence.  He was honest and was a man of integrity.  He finally became second in command in the whole of Egypt.  Yes, he stood before king Pharaoh.  God exalted him to such a position because God was with him.  Daniel was another one such person who took great care in the work that was given to him.  He never forgot to honor God in spite of his busy schedule.  God made the king set him as the president over all the other princes.  He stood before kings too, and he was greatly revered and honored.  Paul was on fire for God, and he stood before authorities and kings.  Are you doing your work with all diligence, be it spiritual or material?  Do you want to be exalted to higher levels in your career?  The secret is working with diligence in everything that you are involved in.

Promotion does not come from the west or the east.  It comes only from God.  Favor and honor are God’s gift for those who diligently do the things that have been entrusted to them.  It can be your job or any other spiritual work.  As long as you do it with integrity of your heart, you will be favored.  Do you want to stand before kings?  Be diligent in your work.  Be blessed.