A good steward


I Corinthians 4:2:  Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

A steward is a person who manages another’s property, finance, or other matters.  He is expected to faithfully discharge the duties that are assigned to him.  His master expects him to be honest and to have a heart of integrity.

Likewise, we have been given certain things in our life to safeguard and to give an account of them to God.  God expects us to faithfully and honestly deal with the things that belong to Him.  He has given to each one of us some talents or resources with which to glorify Him.  We need to trade with them and build God’s kingdom.  Are you a good singer?  Go ahead and use that for God.  That talent what you have with you doesn’t belong to you but it has been entrusted to you because God trusts you.  You are supposed to be managing it well.  Do not break the trust that God has in you.  All of us will be giving an account of ourselves and our life to God.

When God meets us on the day of judgment, do you have an answer to tell Him?  Will He find us faithful enough to be rewarded or will He find us guilty for not managing His property as it should have been managed?  Where will we stand?  Do we have an answer for our negligence if any?  Let us cross examine ourselves today and set right the stewardship that has been granted to us to be declared by God as “well done, my good and faithful servant.”