Alert and whole body listening


“Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, ‘This is the way you should go,’ whether to the right or to the left.”—Isaiah 30:21

When we pray, or sit in our quiet time with God, it is not a monologue but God also speaks to us. God may speak to us with a small, still, quiet voice. There are instances in the Bible of how God spoke – like a whisper, as a burning bush, and even loudly.

Have you ever thought – why doesn’t God speak to me like this? Many people say ‘God said this to me’ and ‘I heard from God about this’.
God speaks to everyone. God is a just and kind God. So, how come they hear God and not me? Do we need special spiritual ears to hear God’s voice? It is very simple. When we are interested in something, we usually give it our 100% attention and sometimes even go beyond that. In a similar way, when we sit down or kneel down to pray we must give ourself to God. Submit ourselves and go with an expectant and open heart. Be alert and listen with our whole body – be still (our God will not interrupt our works or actions), meditate on His word, say our words and bask in His presence. This is what God loves too! He loves when we spend time in His presence.

Sometimes, God may be quiet. Other times we will receive an answer from Him and may not be directly – a neighbour, brother or sister from church, a colleague or friend may let you know that they dreamt soemthing about you, or God showed them this about you. A stranger may even have the content that answers the question you have asked God. This is because God works through these people to get your answer to you. God works in His time and ways and this is definitely unlike our thoughts and ways. Our every prayer never goes unaswered. We just have to be still and continue to pray. If we heed His voice, He will answer. God will show us which way to go. If we follow God’s path, we will be blessed and more importantly, whatever we go through, we will have peace. We don’t have to make our elaborate plans and go our way.

Today, check this – are you following God’s voice and not resisting His direction?