Ask, and you will receive


Psalm 105:40:  The people asked, and he brought quails, and satisfied them with the bread of heaven.

The Israelites were weary of eating manna every single day since their day of exodus from Egypt.  They started to crave for Egyptian food and God heard their complaint and brought them quails.  They asked what they wanted and received it.

We don’t receive what we want sometimes because we don’t ask for it.  We are not specific in presenting our needs to God.  We pray a general prayer over our needs and end it with the traditional “Amen” seldom caring for what we asked.  We ourselves are not sure if we prayed the right prayer or if our prayer ever went past our hard ceiling, let alone travel to God.  God wants us to be specific in what we pray and what we ask for.  He, of course, sees our heart too.  To the blind Bartimaeus, Jesus asked what he wanted done.  Though Jesus could see that he was a blind man, He asked him what was his need.  He healed his blind eyes after he said to Him that he wants to see.  To Hagar in the Old Testament, God asked her, “what aileth thee?”  God surely knew her ailment and her trouble, but he wanted her to speak it out.

Do you want to receive what you are longing for?  Well, it is as simple as opening your mouth and asking God for it. Declare your needs to Him, make them known to Him.  Remember that God will satisfy only your needs and not greed or lust.   If your needs are genuine, He will surely fulfill them for you and make you happy.  So, go ahead and ask Him.

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