Blessed in God’s House


Psalm 84:4 – “Blessed are they that dwell in thy house: they will be still praising thee.”

Believers in the early church were able to thrive in the midst of intense persecution, primarily because they met regularly and fellowshipped with each other. While we may not face such trials, it is important to be connected to a local church that’s rooted in the Word of God. When we meet other like-minded children of God consistently, learn from them and share life together, it helps us grow spiritually.

The house of God gives us opportunities to build strong friendships, use our talents and grow closer to God through worship and the Word. Apart from our Sunday services, we also have the opportunity to meet in smaller fellowship groups around the city. This gives us the ability to meet others in our locality, receive encouragement and offer support.

If you aren’t consistent in attending church, if you’re not connected to a prayer group, please do make it a priority. The Bible says that those who dwell in God’s house will ever be praising Him. Become a part of the family of God and start prioritising fellowship with other believers; it will truly be a blessing.