Deliverer from Fears


Psalm 34:4—“I sought the Lord, and He answered me. And delivered me from all my fears.”

This scripture is the testimony of the delivered one, David, when he acted before Abimelech so that he drove him out. David was afraid when he was with the Philistine king. David’s crazy plan to act mad worked, but he wanted more. He asked God for help and God gave David help. David had a safe journey to Adullam.

David knew there was something compelling about truly praising God. When one genuinely praises God, they want to draw others into this practice of praise. It is better to exalt God’s name together with His people. David thought praising God was to magnify Him. Magnification does not actually make an object bigger, because we can’t make God bigger. When we magnify something or someone, we perceive it/them as bigger, and we must make God large in our perception.
We should not magnify God by ourselves but urge others also to do the same. We should long for the day when all nations and languages lay aside their disagreements and hatred, their prejudices and their errors, their unbelief, their deviations and their divisions, and make their sound as one to magnify and exalt the great Redeemer’s name.

When we cannot do a great work ourselves, we call others for help. Even when David was in the enemies’ hands, and acting as a mad-man he prayed secretly and inwardly. David looked to the Lord in faith, and God heard and delivered him in His sense of Divine care, wisdom, might, and sufficiency. God heard His servant, with love, sympathy, and action. God responded when He delivered David from all his fears. God’s favour and his deliverance at that time was very remarkable. Even if David sinned in feigning madness, God delivered and did not abandon him. David’s God is our God. Even when we sink in sin, our God is forever faithful. He waits to receive us back to Him. Holy Spirit tries to convict us of our sin. We need to do just one thing. We need to go back to God in repentance. We need to call God any time and He always waits to answer us. Jesus said, “This is what I say to my friends. Do not be afraid of them that kill the body. They can do nothing else. I will tell you of whom you should be afraid. Be afraid of him that kills you and has the power to send you to hell. Yes, I tell you, be afraid of him”. (Luke 12:4-5)