Experience Gladness


Acts‬ ‭2:28‬ – “You have made known to me the paths of life; you will make me full of gladness with your presence.’”

Gladness is the state of being happy, pleased or delighted. How many of us can truly say we are glad in our day to day lives? In the verse above, Peter recounts a portion of Psalm 16 where David acknowledges what really makes him glad – the presence of God.

God is omnipresent – He is everywhere. But we can experience the fullness of His presence only when we seek Him out personally. God longs to be involved in your everyday life. He wants to be connected with you as you go about your mundane activities. Don’t restrict His presence to just your daily prayer time. Allow Him to have an active role in your life, all through your day.

God’s presence will provide you with everything you need. He will be your strength on the difficult days. He will give you wisdom to make the right choices. He will provide enough grace to withstand your trials. And above all, as you remain in tune with Him, He will fill your heart with gladness. Start actively communicating with Jesus today and you will see a marked difference in your life.