Favoured and blessed!


Luke 1:28:  And the angel came in unto her and said, hail thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.

Angel Gabriel met Mary and began his conversation with her after saluting her as highly favoured and that she was blessed among women.  Mary was a simple Israelite girl.  She had faith in God too and that might possibly have won God’s favour in her life.

God works based on faith.  Faith is the only thing that moves the heart of God.  For us to receive God’s favour and mercy upon our lives, we need to show to God that we have immense faith in Him and that we believe Him no matter what.  Mary did not oppose or rebel the plan of God for her life.  No wonder she was called as “blessed” among women.  In today’s society, we find women of all characters and nature.  Some women ruin people with their constant blabbering and gossips.  Very few women are found in today’s world who lift up the name of God.  Let us be people who find great favour in the sight of God and let us be in the “blessed list.”

Grab your faith now and get God’s attention over your life.  Trust in the Lord for the impossible and get your life straight with God.