God our strength


Psalm 62:2:  He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.

God is our rock and our salvation.  He is our defence.  We shall not be greatly moved.  The psalmist David had one assurance for sure that whatever happens in his life, God would remain as his rock and his salvation as well as his defence.  Defence means a high tower.  David knew that he is not free from the troubles in life but that they won’t swallow him up because God is his salvation.

We cannot have a trouble free life on earth but we have a God who will keep us safe from all evil and harm.  Even if we are struck or blown by troubles on every side, we won’t be allowed to sink in them because our God is a prayer answering God.  Sometimes it may seem that we might sink or drown or get burnt up in whatever life has to offer to us, but we have a God of David on our side who reminds us that He is our rock and our salvation.  Anyone who stands on a rock in the midst of boisterous waves will rarely slip.  Our God is as strong as a rock.  We can stand as sure footed as a deer on Him.

God is a God of strength, faithfulness, and unchangeableness.  God never changes in any life’s situation.  He remains the same.  We may fall sometimes, but God will lift us up.  We may be defeated sometimes, but we will not be in that situation forever.  We shall not be greatly moved.