God will make our way


2 Samuel 7:21 – “Because of your promise, and according to your own heart, you have brought about all this greatness, to make your servant know it.”

The scripture states these promises that God faithfully performed to David and his seed in due time. Though David came short of making good his purpose to build God a house, yet God did not revert or reduce on His promise to build David a house.

Such is the strength and endurance of the covenant that we are under; though there are many failures in our performances, there are none in God’s. God has promised us, as the seed of Abraham, through our faith in Christ Jesus. God’s promises for us outweigh what we can ask or wish for. God knows our hearts desires. The promise of God includes all. If God, be ours, as our Father and provides what can we ask or think of more? (Eph. 3:20) The promises of the covenant of grace are framed by Him that knows us, and therefore knows how to adapt them to every branch of our necessity. He knows us better than we know ourselves; and therefore let us be satisfied with the provision He has made for us. We cannot say anymore for ourselves in our prayers than He said for us in his promises. Jesus ascribes us all to the free grace of God. Jesus ascribes both the great things God had done for Him and the great things God had made known to him. All this happened for Christ (the eternal Word’s) sake and owing to His merit.
All that God does for his people in his providences, and secures to them in His promises, is for His pleasure and for His praise (the pleasure of His will and the praise of His Word).

Remember who God is. Remember how insignificant we are and yet He provides, yet He promised and makes good of it, yet He forgives us every time, yet He loves us again and again with an everlasting love. We can do only this – adore His greatness and live for the glory of God. Speak of His greatness and glory. ‘ Thou art great, O Lord God! for there is none like thee.’ The nearer any are brought to God the more they see of His glory, and the dearer we are in His eyes the greater He should be in ours. We must acknowledge that there is no being like God, nor any God besides Him. We must acknowledge that what we have seen with our eyes of His power and goodness is according to all that we have heard with our ears, and the one half not told us. We must look to God for the revelation of the rest. God will provide.