God’s Support


Psalm 55:22-“Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you: He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.”

We all go through draining loads or burdens. One burden that drain us the most is to accept a friend who becomes a treacherous and dangerous enemy.  It is not new to God, nor that He is not aware of our situation. God gives us burdens to see what we will do with them. We can go in one of two ways: try and deal with them ourselves, which most likely will end up in nothing, or we may go to God and entrust our burdens to Him for His blessing and help.
When we go with our burdens to God, the scripture doesn’t say that God will take the burdens off us and carry them for us. Oh no! The promise is that He will sustain us – God will provide you with the strength, wisdom, and means to deal with them. We will go through suffering the burden as a servant of God, but we can be assured that God will sustain us. God will make us strong enough to resist its pressure and grow us (our nature) through the experience.
“An old writer tells us it would have been more honourable for him to have asked for the strength of an ox to bear his trials, than for the wings of a dove to flee from them.” (Jay, in Spurgeon)

Once we cast our burdens on the Lord what are we meant to do? We cannot handover our burdens to the Lord and still fret over them. Oh no! What kind of faith is that? Take an instance, if we hand over a child to God, would we keep checking in to see if the child is ok? Does this even make any sense? God who is omniscient knows all about us. God who is omnipotent is almighty and powerful. He created us, and everything, so He knows it all. Also, God lived as man so He is tuned in to how we feel. How can we possibly think that we can do a better job that the nature of God described above? God knows what is best and only wants that for us. Then, why worry over how to solve a problem or what to do next, when we have God on our side? We have the promise of Immanuel – God with us. Yes, He is with us through it all.

David had hope and confidence because he was persuaded that his fate did not rest in the hands of treacherous men. God was still Lord over all, and God had the final word on whether the righteous would be moved or not. Faith alone creates courage. Our faithful God not only helps and establishes the righteous, He also brings down the bloodthirsty and deceitful men who cause so much trouble among God’s people. David’s focus was upon God, not his enemies. He knew that if he trusted God, He would not be disappointed. ‘As for me, I will trust in the Lord.’ Today, take your problems to the LORD. He will give you help. When your friends hurt you, do not try to hurt your friends. Let God do anything that must be done. God will never let His people fall.