Grace Abounds


Romans 5:20 – “Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.”

We are all quite familiar with the concept of law and due punishment. When somebody commits a crime, they are judged through the legal system and have to serve a punishment that befits the crime. The Old Testament people too had the Mosaic Law to guide them and maintain order within the Israelite camp. But then when Jesus came, He brought along a concept of extravagant grace that changed the face of religion.

The law showed the people all the ways they fell short, and gave them a list of things they could do to appeal to God’s mercy. Grace also shows us how we fall short in God’s eyes, but it reminds us we can do nothing to purchase God’s forgiveness. Jesus paid the price on our behalf. At the cross, His abundant grace flowed freely for all those who would believe in Him.

Now that we’ve experienced the lavish grace of God, what is our response? A person who’s been picked out from a pit doesn’t willingly go back into it. We have been rescued from darkness and brought into the marvelous light. Let’s not take God’s grace for granted, but rely on His Spirit to live godly lives that will bring glory to His Name.