Handing over your battles to God


Proverbs 21:13:  The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the Lord.

A horse is trained so well for the day of battle.  It is trained so as not to be scared or run away in fright seeing a big army marching in the battlefield.  It is the soldier’s duty to train the horse both physically and mentally in order for it to be prepared for the war whether victory or no victory.

How are we preparing ourselves for the battles of our life? Are we preparing our mind to face the everyday stressors and challenges of our life? Let us not fool ourselves by thinking that we can win all the battles in our life on our own strength.  God wants us to trust Him and to wait on Him.  To come out victoriously and safely from all the challenges in our life, we need to surrender our lives to Him and ask Him to lead us.  No matter how focused and how well planned we are sometimes, ultimately it is God’s decision for our life that will come to pass.  It is better to stop trusting our own strength and start asking God to take over the reins.

Do you want to have success and victory in your life? Then, stop planning your own life and ask God to do it for you. Stop fighting all your battles on your own and seek God’s help and direction for your life.  He knows how to get you out of your battlefield safely and victoriously provided you ask Him to fight your battles.  Victory will be your’s if the battle belongs to the Lord.