Have Faith


Acts 27:25 – “So take heart, men, for I have faith in God that it will be exactly as I have been told.”

Paul was taken captive yet again and he was on a ship sailing towards Rome to meet Caesar. Somewhere along the way, a severe storm started brewing that threatened the ship and its passengers. They had to start throwing all the cargo overboard to prevent the ship from capsizing. It had been several days since they ran out of food and the storm was as strong as ever.

The captain, crew and other prisoners were obviously terrified, but Paul was not. An angel had given him the assurance that no one on the ship would perish. Paul believed this word from God and encouraged those around him too.

Do you feel you’re in the midst of a storm in your life? This is the time to hold onto the promises that God has given you from His Word. You might not have received an angelic message, but you have the Holy Spirit to encourage you and remind you of God’s promises. Don’t lose heart… The One who can calm the storm is in your boat, and things will work out exactly as He’s said. Have faith in Him and stay strong through the storm… it certainly won’t last forever!