Hunger and thirst for righteousness


Matthew 5:6:  Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled.

Righteousness is  being right and doing the things that are right before God.  Having a right standing with God is as important as having our drink and meal.  One is spiritual health and the other is physical health.  God’s word says that we should have the crave or the desire to do the things of God.

God is a righteous Judge.  He does things that are holy and righteous.  He wants His children also to behave in the same manner as Himself.  He hungered for the things of His Father.  He hungered for the goodnews to be known in the land where He lived and taught.  He hungered to do things that would benefit the people both spiritually as well as physically.  He went around doing good and healing people from all manner of sickness and oppression of the devil.  His disciples followed suit.  They were filled for what they craved for.

We have to have a desire to work for God and to draw many towards righteousness.  It is important that we hunger and thirst for the kingdom of God to be brought upon the earth.  Let us deliver and set people free.  Let us have the same zeal that Jesus had for the work of God, His Father.  Catch on the fire of Pentecost and work zealously for God.