Made Whole


Job 5:18 – “For he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole.”

Job was one person in the Bible who suffered terrible loss and anguish for no fault of his. He could have lost his faith in a God of righteousness and justice, but he didn’t. He wept bitterly, proclaimed his innocence and questioned God. But he did not turn his back on God. Job’s friends who tried to make sense of his situation, failed to empathize and only made him feel worse.

There are times when we too are faced with miserable trials that are far beyond our ability to withstand. Can God prevent bad things from happening to us? Yes. But sometimes He allows trials for a purpose. It is during the hard times that the depth of our faith is tested, our character is purified and our reliance on God is stronger than ever.

Job lost his health, wealth and family, but God restored it all back to him. You may not understand why you’re facing such hardships, but you can be assured that God is doing a mighty work in you in the midst of your trials. He will restore what you’ve lost, bind up your wounds and make you whole again, better than before.