Persona of Christ


Colossians 4:6 – “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

Newsreaders, convey the news through media, but often have a persona associated with them. This persona is built based on the way the newsreaders conduct themselves while doing their job. We believers can be thought of, in this similar way. We are playing a role for God on this earth based on the purpose intended for us. During this time, how we conduct ourselves is very important to the likes of the world outside God’s kingdom; its not only how we pray but how we live. Are we prone to speech laced with retaliation or grace; or maybe speech seasoned with salt of wit and pleasantness, or pepper of disdain and gossip? Our regular life should be such that our loyalty to God’s kingdom shows through in our character.

As Christians we are meant to follow few things:
-Our speech must be always full of the double-fold meaning of ‘grace’ according to the Bible, i.e., God’s grace and human graciousness. Grace with the salt of ‘wit’ and ‘pleasantness’ is a good combination.
-Our speech must always be ready to answer any questions of the unbelievers, but based on Biblical truths. So, we must continually and purposefully study the Bible.
-Our speech must not be dull and with a personality in which laughter is treated as sacrilege. Jesus himself had charm and wit in His speech. We must nurture this gift of conversing in pleasant and wise conversations, to speak aptly to those with personal needs. Our conversations should be lively and interesting.
-Our speech and behavior must be wise especially among people who are not Christians. Use every opportunity in the best way. Say kind things, have good conversations and answer every person in the right way.

God cares both about our personal prayer life and our interaction with the world. He wants us also to care about this. All correct knowledge is of little good unless we apply it to both our prayer closet and our daily life as well. When we put salt on your food, it tastes much better. Food without salt tastes dull. The message of the Gospel is not dull. So, we should speak about Christ in an interesting way. We should always be ready to explain about Christ and always in a kind way.