Pray without ceasing


I Thessalonians 5:17:  Pray without ceasing.

How can we always pray without ceasing?  Does it mean that we should keep on praying 24 hours?  Paul is not meaning that we should always keep our heads bowed and eyes closed and lip moving every time.  What he means is we should always be conscious of God’s presence in our lives and our thoughts and our mind should be focused on God in our every day lives.

When we are attacked with fear and discouragement and defeat, we should tune our hearts and mind to God in prayer.  God’s word teaches us not to be anxious but in everything to be thankful to God.  Prayer should be the breath of a believer.  Our lives should be centered around prayer.  Jesus, when He was on earth, prayed to His Father all the time.  He sought His will in everything.  Not one place has the Bible mentioned that He was anxious about anything.

Prayer brings victory and miracles in our lives.  Prayer keeps the enemy at bay.  Just like how we breathe spontaneously and continuously, we need to pray in all situations.  The only thing that we can do is just this four-letter word, i.e., PRAY.  At work, while traveling, while exercising, you can always be God-focused and God-centered.