The Favour of God


Job 22:28 – “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”

Job wished that God did not watch him but hoped for the day when he could speak with God. Eliphaz promised a good life to Job, if only Job would confess his evil deeds. But Job was a good man. Job already trusted God. Eliphaz advises Job to submit to God and prosperity will come; listen for God’s voice, for His instruction, to meditate on these words in his heart. He was to repent for his misgivings, remove his wickedness, and come to the Lord, then the Lord would restore him. Then the Lord would delight in him and Job would turn his face only to God. Job would pray to God and would fulfil his vows because being delighted the Lord would hear him. God would guide his ways with divine wisdom so that whatever Job decided or decreed, would be accomplished.

The promise is not only for Job but for you brother, and for you sister. Your purposes shall not be disappointed, but approved by God. And God will give you the light of His direction, of comfort and success, in all thy counsels, ways, and actions. This means:
1- you will not be in a dark, doubtful, and perplexed condition because God is guiding you.
2-you will prosper in all things instead of being overtaken by calamity.
3-you will command a thing and God will establish it, with His Power, to you.
For the assurance of this to happen, we must:
1- commit our ways to the Lord so God’s thoughts can be established in us (we will try to behave like Jesus) and His purposes or designs become ours (we will want to fulfil God’s purpose for us).
2- pray and spend time with God – lift our voice in prayer to God, to seek Him, so that all our prayers will be successful.
3-seize occasions to praise God. Because we have the same desires that are in God’s heart, if we pray for whatever comes to mind, in faith, we will have it. God will allow the decree of our lips in prayer to be established.

What is the reason behind this? God’s light will shine upon our ways, which is why all things will prosper and succeed, and be established according to God’s will. God’s light of grace will shine in us, to instruct us to deny and avoid sinful things, and rather do just and good things. The light of the Word will be a light that guides our feet, a lamp that directs our path and especially the light of God’s favour and blessing on us that provides us success in all our ways and works, to make us prosperous. This is called the favour of God!