The Good Shepherd


John 11:11:  I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

Jesus is the good shepherd.  A good shepherd is the one who gives his life for the sheep and always protects the sheep from all kinds of danger.  He leads the sheep to good pasture.  He is bothered about the welfare of the sheep.

A good shepherd leads his flock.  He never follows them.  He goes ahead of them and directs the way to keep them away from dangerous and treacherous paths.  That is how Jesus, our good shepherd, cares for us.  We are His flock and we belong to Him.  When we are stuck and don’t know which way to take, He goes ahead of us and guides us to safer paths.  He is there for us to give us the right counseling and guidance when we need it.  He feeds us everyday through His word which is alive and refreshing.  He always leads us to streams of life giving water.  He fills us with the Holy Ghost.  He gave us His life so that we will be His forever.

Have you chosen this Good Shepherd to take control of your life?  Have you asked Him to guide and direct your steps? If you haven’t, then ask.  He will keep you safe from all harm and danger and lead you through in your life’s journey.  Be blessed.