e-Membership was created for the purpose of those who participate in our church services online via the internet and want to be a connecting part of our church.

Though the church is based in Bangalore, every week we have thousands who participate in worship ONLINE from across the globe. Many are listening to past broadcasts during the week. Many of these viewers are committed to Bethel AG Church International Worship Centre. They listen faithfully, sow into the Church, and some even consider Bethel as their “home” church. We’ve had many requests from our internet viewers for a way in which they can become more connected. Hence we introduced e-Membership.

As an e-member, you will have the covering of God that is on BETHEL over your life.  The Pastors and the church will cover you in prayer just as they do our local congregation. Whether you have a prayer request or a praise report we want to hear about it!

For Regular Members, the Church takes responsibility to help them with their Spiritual and Social needs like Child Dedication, Weddings, House/Hospital Visits, Funerals etc provided they abide by the protocols of the church. The church will not be able to cater to such requirement for e-Members.

However, we may be able to assist the e-Members if they are willing to travel down to Bangalore and abide by the protocols that the church has laid down for such events.

In our worship services, we provide an opportunity for our local members to give their tithes and offerings. We would like to provide our e-Members with the same opportunity to give, only voluntarily. You are in no way obligated to give unless you choose too.

Please Note: We would encourage you to give your Tithes to the local church where you take Holy Communion. You may give your Tithe in Bethel only if you are not connected to any local church and consider Bethel as your “Spiritual Home”

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