The Lord’s goodness


Psalm 145:9:  The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.

The Lord is a good God.  He is good all the time and all the time God is good.  He wants to do what is good to all.  He is a kind and a benevolent God.  He is so full of compassion that He does not just pass away from us in sympathy but does what we need.

God’s mercies and compassion is found in everything that He has made and created.  When we look at the beautiful workmanship of God or when we look at nature, God’s work is displayed through them.  Whenever we look at the sky or the clouds or each flower or fruit bearing tree, our hearts are lifted up in praise and glory to the God who made them all.  If He cares about all these things, how much more will He care for us?  We are His created beings and are the workmanship of His hands.  He cares much for everyone who is a born again person.  His tender mercies are so evident in the life of a person who is devoted to serve and worship Him.  Indeed He is good to all, especially to those who call upon His name and honour Him.

Let your heart continually praise Him.  The scriptures say that those who trust in the Lord will never lack any good thing.  He does not withhold any good thing from them.  God’s love will be demonstrated in the life of each and everyone who care to acknowledge Him in their lives.