God’s Benevolence


Psalm 145:16- “You open your hand: You satisfy the desire of every living thing.”

“Oh Lord my God when I in awesome wonder, consider all that works thy hand has made… Thy power throughout the universe displayed!” This is a popular hymn and perfectly conveys the meaning of this psalm from David. “Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty. There’s nothing our God cannot do.” This is another song of today. Both aptly describe facets of God. God created the sky, earth, universe, seas and all that is in it. It doesn’t end there. He looks after every single thing that He has created too. From us humans, to the tiny birds, insects, wild animals, pets, plants, forests, all creatures on land and sea, hills and mountains, the seasons, the rain, sun, moon, and stars. God has an amazing generosity and fullness in His ability and willingness to satisfy these multitudes – to keep them from perishing by cold, or hunger, or nakedness. He has control over everything and everything listens to Him alone. This depicts the omnipotent nature of God.

And then there is the other side of God – His love. This love is unconditional and encompasses everyone and everything. It is never ending. This is why, while our outlook to life is in our accomplishments, careers, family, stuff, dreams and aspirations, as my stuff, my career, my time, my money all in a closed hand. God is not a taker but a giver, of all good things. With an open hand means to give freely, unconditionally, without any questions, unbiasedly, without expecting return and so on.
God satisfies the desire of every living thing, but for the unreasonableness of those who are satisfied with nothing. God prevents us from falling into evil, He raises and eases our troubles, He hears and answers our prayers, He is with us and those who call upon Him, to help in all times of need. Quickened by the Holy Spirit and His grace, God makes us spiritually alive with desires that change from material to spiritual things – spiritual food, more grace and more communion with God, and conformity to Christ. God doesn’t intend to satisfy every single need and want which means those that are ungodly or unreasonable. He satisfies every living one with that which is acceptable with favour. It is not by fate or chance but by God’s grace that all things are and came about, because the Lord opens His hand liberally and bountifully, and gives out all things richly to enjoy – all things that pertain to life and godliness, grace and all the supplies of it.

We all have many testimonies in our life where we can show forth the glory of God; how it manifested in our life through blessings, provision, protection, giving of wisdom or discernment etc. How can we then do anything but love His name, and walk in His ways, and desire that everyone all over the world bless His holy name for ever and ever?