God’s Revelation Knowledge


Matthew 13:12- “Whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance.”

Jesus taught the people through parables. The disciples asked Jesus why He taught using easy-to-understand stories. But it really wasn’t simple illustrations of spiritual truth; Jesus used parables so that rejecting hearts would not harden further. Jesus’ reply was very profound. Jesus said the secrets of Heaven–revelation by God, which we cannot know by natural means–were given to His disciples but that knowledge was not given to all people. God shows His people what these things mean. For those who had this revelation, much more would be given as they sought after it. The disciples had faith in Jesus and wanted to obey Him. Therefore, they could understand what Jesus taught and learned more about the Kingdom of Heaven through Him.

To the others who didn’t comprehend this spiritual knowledge, it felt like even their worldly wisdom was removed from them. Because they did not have faith in Jesus, they heard His parables as stories but were not able to understand them as intended. Isaiah had prophesied that they would not understand though they heard and wouldn’t perceive though they saw. Reason being: their hearts had ‘grown dull’ (to the whispers of the Holy Spirit, their zeal to seek God had grown cold). It was like their ears were closed to hear and their eyes were shut, else they would be convicted in their hearts and turn back to God who would heal them. These parables hid the ‘gospel truth’ from those who would not listen to the Holy Spirit and showed the truth to believers.

 What does it mean to ‘grow dull’?
-People who do not accept Jesus as Christ, do not accept what Jesus teaches or even try to understand it.
-People saw what Jesus did, not what it means. They are ok to stay in a superficial level-only attend church once a week.
-People listened to what Jesus said, but act as if they did not hear it. They know God’s word but obey at their convenience.
Can it happen to us, believers?
-If we don’t truly believe, the same message which humble hearts and lead them to repent will instead harden dishonest hearts and lead them to disobedience through defiance.
-If we are too lazy, blinded by prejudice, or don’t wish to see it, the spiritual truth in parables will be hidden from us.
– If we desire it, or stay open and sensitive to spiritual truth, the parables will reveal themselves as such.
We, children of God, who understand the parables of Jesus are genuinely blessed. We gain the benefit of the spiritual truth as also sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
“…many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it (Matthew 13:16).