Psalm 145:3 –Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.

Unsearchable! For those who have tasted his heart of love will know that nothing in this world can take Jesus place. His divine presence overpowers every man/ woman who is seeking a higher understanding of themselves. Today every form of meditation or yoga is defining to know yourself and the energy that resides in you; as it so truly claims. However, when you reach out for these forms of calmness and strength of the body and mind, it will take you further away from your heart and make you embrace your mind. You will become a practical and logical Christian. You will become so practical and logical that the matters of the heart will become the matters of segregation and division in you. You will slowly alleviate yourself to such an extent that either you will ignore another being or accept his/ her being with no apprehension to your understanding of who he/ she is. They will become objects of judgment and you will reach a pedestal thinking that you attained a higher understanding. But actually, you have just become a logical and practical Christian.

Greatness lies in love and love is humility. Nothing better than the sacrificial love of Jesus. Exercise his love and he will not only show you the meaning of life in all its logical and practical understanding but he will also create in you a new being who will not alleviate themselves first but see the beauty in others. He will make you wise and yet you will be patient with the foolish. He will make you intelligent and yet you will learn humility in knowledge. He will make you strong and yet you will not use force. He will show you grace and yet when you are spat or ridiculed, in due time he will uplift you. The eyes and senses of many will see and understand cause the Lord will reveal not only to you the secrets of his kingdom but he will also prepare for many to be shamed. His greatness is unsearchable and yet his presence is so strong, so pure and so full of grace.


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