A Broken Praise


The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart – These, O God, You will not despise. – Psalm 51:17  

We live in a world of expectations. Everyone has set standards for perfection. The world expects us to be faultless and successful in all we do. This is not to say that success should not be a goal for us, but it mustn’t turn into an idol. It’s alright to feel down at times. When you feel weak, don’t be weak all by yourself but rather present yourself to God. God does not see perfectionism; He created us, and He knows us in and out, He wants us to come to Him rather than seeking worldly comforts. We show our reliability to Him. It takes great love and faith to present yourself with humility when you’re vulnerable.

We must acknowledge the fact that we are broke and invite God’s transformative touch on our lives. A contrite heart becomes fertile soil that bears fruit and flourishes in God’s grace.

In this journey of life, let’s remember that God appreciates our true selves over our ideal selves—authenticity over appearance. God knows us, and there is no hiding from Him. When we hide our faults from Him, we do not allow His breakthrough into our life. By laying aside our pride and self-sufficiency, we allow our brokenness to be transformed into fullness.

In life’s good and bad times, through laughter or tears, let our hearts be steadfastly placed at God’s altar. In the shattered brokenness of life, God will craft us into a beautiful, triumphant symbol of His glory and redemption.

God will transform broken praise into a fulfilling testimony!

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