A call to praise God


Psalm 150:1:  Praise ye the Lord.  Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.

This is the last psalm that ends with a call to praise God.  It is call to praise God in His temple or sanctuary.  It is also a call to praise Him in the firmament above the earth.  It is in the firmament that God has hung the sun, the moon, and the stars and other heavenly bodies.  It is through these things that the power of God is displayed.

We have such a great and a powerful God, who is worthy of all praise and worship.  Let us praise Him with everything that we have.  The psalmist calls the worshippers to praise God with all the instruments and with dance.  Yes, our God deserves the highest praise because His acts are mighty among us.  He is so excellent in His greatness.  Everything that He created, He saw it was good.  We are His creation, and He does not regret creating us.  We are His masterpiece and He loves us more everyday.  That is the reason as to why He deserves our applause and praise.  God is interested in our life very much than any other created thing.  When we praise Him, we are delivered and set free.  The enemy’s plans/schemes will be nullified, and they will be totally thrown out of gear.

Praise Him whether you feel like it or not because praising God does us no harm, but it damages the devil’s camp.  Are you stuck in the crossroads of life looking for the right direction?  It is about time to know the true God and call upon Him.



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