….Lo, I am with you always, even to end of the age. Amen. Matthew 28:20


Our lives are full of relationships, roles, designations and being with people and interacting with them at different levels. Now having to fulfill the duties each of these roles demand can be tiring, failing which we receive complaints and face consequences. We have had enough, of feeling like we’re not enough, this feeling goes with us constantly into our workplace, college, relationships and family. The truth is, we will never be enough, we can never fit into the expectations that the world throws at us, because God did not create us to please the world. We were created for His pleasure and this creates a great deal of conflict in our minds to think how God is in the heavens above and He is the truth, while we live in a world that tells us lies.

Lies that we are not talented, not very skilled, ugly, not smart enough, too young for it, too old for something, being a woman or being a man. Well surviving these lies is not as simple if we do not embrace the truth about who we are. Now the bible deconstructs the lies the world tells us about ourselves every other day and replaces them with the truth of God. God created us and therefore defines us and gives us our identity, purpose, our mere reason for existence. Understanding the other half, tell us how God is omnipresent, as much as He is present in the heaven above, His spirit dwells in those whose faith is in Him. His holy presence in our lives or having a relationship with Him directs us to our purposes in life, this purpose in our lives is solely for our good and His glory. This way, we are freed from the claws of the world that expect us to fit into their molds.

Break-free from the limits, boundaries and walls we have built for ourselves, as the world is looking for us to fit into their mold, we could serve a mold-maker, who will stand even when all else fails. Let all creation, bow before the ancient of days.


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