Be an overcomer through Christ


John 14:1:  Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

Jesus had just finished speaking to His disciples about his betrayal followed by His death.  He had even spoke about the denial of Peter.  They were saddened by the fact that He would leave them and go back to heaven, to His Father.  Jesus saw anxiety and fear drawn all over the faces of the disciples.  Therefore, He told them to not have a troubled heart but to believe in God and also to believe in Him.

Is your heart troubled and worried about all the stressors in life? There is just one thing that Jesus wants to tell you.  “Do not worry.”  When our heart is troubled and overwhelmed, worries of all kinds just creep inside and begin to make a home.  The Lord Jesus wants us to not to stay focused on those thoughts but to stay focused on God because He is in control of everything.  Just one look at the faces of His disciples told the Lord Jesus that they were anxious and troubled.  They were very anxious because they were about to lose their beloved friend.  They were scared of the kind of troubles that they would face in the future after the Lord Jesus was gone.  Though the Lord Jesus himself was in a state of agony, He willingly chose to wash the feet of His disciples and comfort their troubled hearts.

Is life giving you only lemons?  Are sorrows and disappointments the only thing that you have to face each day?  Are you thinking that there is no hope for you ever?  Just believe in God and also believe in Jesus.  He will comfort and strengthen you.



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