Be an Overcomer


Revelation 12:11 – “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…”

Whether we like it or not, we have an accuser, the devil, who keeps accusing us before God day and night (Revelation 12:10). But the good news is we also have an Advocate, Jesus Christ, who stands at the Father’s side and pleads our case (1 John 2:1). Every time the devil brings up a sin we have committed before God, Jesus stands up and reminds him that it has already been wiped off the records by His blood on the cross.

Today’s key verse tells us how we can overcome the devil: by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our testimony. Yes, we have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. But Jesus paid the price for it on the cross. He became the sacrificial lamb, and His blood has covered our sins. The next time the devil tries to bring up your stained past, remind him of the blood of the Lamb that has washed away the sin of your past.

Your testimony may not be as exciting as that of your friends, but it is powerful. And by proclaiming it aloud, you are affirming the positive transformation that God has wrought in your life. You have experienced Jesus’ love in your life, and when you share it with someone else, you get to influence another soul away from the devil’s grasp. You have the victory through Christ Jesus. Act like you’re on the winning side and be an overcomer.

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