Because God Loves Us


Psalm 146:8 – “The Lord opens the eyes of the blind; The Lord raises those who are bowed down; The Lord loves the righteous.”

One of the main evidences of love is the desire to give. Parents delight in giving gifts to their kids. Couples take time to do small acts of service for each other. True love gives sacrificially and unconditionally. And the best example of this love is Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf.

We deserved death for our sins; He gave us life.
We were blind to the love of God; He opened our eyes.
We were crippled by our iniquities; He helped us move forward.
We were incapable of living righteous lives; He clothed us with His righteousness.
We lacked the will to live purposefully; He armed us with wisdom, strength and His abundant grace.

God loved us first, even before we knew of His love for us. And because of this love that far exceeds anything of this world, He delights in blessing us. Day after day He pours out His grace on us and teaches us how to live. What is our response to this amazing love?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for loving me and saving me from a life of darkness. I humble myself at Your feet, because without you I am nothing. I believe you are strengthening me and equipping me to live a life that glorifies Your Name. I love You, Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen!