Ask the Lord


John 16:24 – “Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”

A good relationship is characterized by an open means for communication. A child does not hesitate to ask his/her parents a thousand questions a day. We don’t think twice about calling a friend and sharing what’s on our mind. But somehow, we’ve restricted our relationship with God to just certain times of the day.

God is not a distant entity we need to meet only at a scheduled time. He is always available – any time of night or day. But we are hardly aware of His presence as we go about our daily lives. We’re often guilty of thinking about a lot of things but not praying about any of them. We don’t have to turn to God only when things are beyond our control. We have the privilege of enjoying a constant communication with Him. We just need to make use of it.

God wants you to have a joy-filled life. You don’t have to let your circumstances dictate your state of mind. The next time you feel worries and stressful thoughts crowding your mind, take a moment to pray. Ask God for wisdom, guidance, grace and the strength to overcome. God is willing and able to answer your prayers so that your joy may be full.

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