Better than Life


Psalm 63:3 – “Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips shall praise You.”

How’s life? It’s a question we’re often asked by friends and acquaintances. Some common responses to this question are:

“All good, no complaints.”
“We’re fine by God’s grace.”
“Good but hectic.”

But truth be told, we’re often battling a variety of anxiety and stressful situations in our lives. We just can’t always candidly pour out our grievances to an unsuspecting listener.

In today’s verse, King David declares that the Lord’s lovingkindness is better than life. In other versions, lovingkindess is translated as mercy or unfailing love. David was able to praise God because he knew that God’s love was better than life itself.

You might think this isn’t that great of a statement, but did you know David wrote this psalm in the wilderness of Judah? He was not in his royal palace living a cushy life. He was in the midst of barrenness, but he wasn’t miserable. On the contrary, he earnestly sought God and continued to praise His Name.

The harsh reality is that when life is good, we tend to forget God. And when life isn’t that great, we think God has forgotten us. It doesn’t matter if your life is great now or it’s one of your more stressful seasons. Can you look up to the Lord on your good days and declare that His love is better than your life? Can you continue to bless His Name even on your bad days?

The Lord called David a man after His own heart. Do you want to be a man/woman after God’s own heart? Seek the Lord, abide in His love and continue to bless the Lord at all times.

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