Branded as His for Eternity


John 15:8 “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so, shall ye be my disciples.” KJV

Jesus glorified our Father in Heaven in everything that He did.  Even though Jesus Christ lived here on earth, yet He was in union with the one in Heaven.  He demonstrated the true character of our Father in Heaven. Jesus took it upon Himself to represent our Father responsibly, truthfully and conscientiously.

We are all familiar with our Father in Heaven through Jesus, because Jesus described Him to us through His own actions and behaviour. Similarly, all of us are called to live and behave like Jesus so that all may know Him through us. It is our duty as God`s people to introduce Jesus in the lives of those who are yet to discover Him.

As true as it may be that we are all children of God, the fact remains, that we do not inherit God`s promises just by birth. In order for us to be able to claim His promises, we must also strive to replicate His immaculate nature and be true disciples of Christ.

God has called us to inherit His riches. In fact, He takes pleasure in blessing us with the choicest of gifts and favours. All we have to do is to become worthy enough to receive them.  It is already ours to claim. When we start matching our personality with His and make Him our ideal, our growth and fruitfulness is inevitable.

Let us make a commitment today, that we will give our dear Father the glory, in all that we do and be fruitful and instrumental for the good of His kingdom.  Our identity is in Christ alone.

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