Children with Authority


John 1:12

But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.

How wonderful would it have been to live at the time of Christ and to have seen Him. How privileged to have lived in the days of witnessing Him perform miracles after miracles. How peaceful to have listened to His sermons and parables. Yet, not all who saw Christ with their earthly eyes had the right to become the children of God, nor all who knew of His miracles, neither did all who heard His sermons. To have the authority, the privilege and right to become the Child of God requires something we all know as Faith. Faith does not require intellectual facts and is not steered by the mind, but is driven by the heart. By grace you are saved through faith not just in His miracles but by believing that HE IS LORD!

When we welcome and receive Christ wholeheartedly to reign over every aspect of our beings, He gives us the power reserved for those who are part of His family. You are now conferred the legal rights of those belonging to the divine family of the Most High. You are no longer an ordinary person, you are a Child of Yahweh, seated with Him in heavenly realms. In Him, you are blessed with every spiritual blessing. All you have to do is believe, receive and rely on His Name alone!!!

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