Declare His Glory


Psalm 96:3 KJV Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.

Psalm 96:3 encourages believers to proclaim the greatness of God to the world.

Why do we need to declare His glory?

It reminds us that our faith and the miracles we witness in our lives are not meant to be kept to ourselves. Instead, we are called to spread the good news and celebrate God’s glory with people around us. This involves more than just words; it’s about living a life that reflects God’s goodness, mercy, and power. By doing so, we not only honor God but also inspire and uplift others, showing them the power and love of our Creator.

Ways to Declare His Glory:

  • Sharing your testimony: Our testimonies can be a source of hope and encouragement. Talk about how God has worked in your life. Personal stories of faith and transformation can be a powerful tool for spreading the message of God’s glory.
  • Live out your faith. Action always speaks louder than words. By living a life of love, kindness, and integrity, you can demonstrate the character of God to those around you.
  • Worship and Praise: Expressing thankfulness for God’s blessings is a pleasing way to declare His glory.
  • Serving others: Like Jesus, practice ways to serve others selflessly to show God’s love in action.
  • Spread the word: Reflect on the marvellous acts God has done in your life. How can you share these stories with others? Whether it’s through a conversation, a social media post, or a kind gesture, find a way to declare God’s glory in your everyday interactions.

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