Encourage yourself in the Lord


1 Samuel 30:6 – “…but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God.”

David and his band of men were returning to their camp at Ziglag, but they were in for a horrid surprise. The Amalekites had burnt down the entire city, and taken away their wives and children. The men were obviously distressed, and blamed David for the whole thing. They were so bitter that they even thought of stoning him!

Any other person would have collapsed under the weight of this loss. But David didn’t. Yes, he was devastated. Yes, he cried until he had no more tears left. But he didn’t remain that way; he took His burden to the only One who could help – his Almighty God. The Bible says He encouraged Himself in the Lord, and God helped Him regain everything He had lost.

Some of us may go through seasons where we experience overwhelming losses. It’s easy to give up, but it would be more beneficial if we could hold on to God in the midst of it all. Allow Him to encourage your heart, and strengthen your soul. God is able to restore back everything you have lost. Encourage yourself in the Lord and continue to cling on to the hope you have in Him.

Prayer: Lord, sometimes we look at everything we’ve lost in our lives and mourn what could have been. Help us remember that You will restore what has been taken from us. Thank you for the strength and the encouragement we can find in You.