Ever after coming up – select: Team Righteous / Team Wicked


Proverbs 11:7—”When a godly man dies, all his fears vanish; but when a wicked man dies, his hopes vanish”

Nowadays the hearsay topics and the news contain information regarding the end times, coming back of Jesus, shemitah, financial crash, stocking up on food. Sounds like a scary world huh? I guess that answer depends on your proximity to Jesus. For a believer and disciple of Jesus, this seems like exciting times, time to be prepared to see His face – our Saviour – by working hard to tell all about Jesus, time to repent and time to obey the Word like never before.

When a believer dies, or have someone close to them die, we are consoled by one fact – ‘they have gone to be with Jesus’. This is what we all want and the fact that they have got this makes us feel a whole lot better. Yes, we miss them and yet the focus on the ever after makes us feel calm and happy for them. ‘They made it – yaay!’ There is no fear, worry, sadness, where they have gone because these things are unheard of near Jesus and Heaven.
On the contrary, when an unbeliever dies, the family is sorrow-ridden. What can console them or help them with their pain? Based on their beliefs they may concentrate on the rituals to keep them busy and not think of their loved one. The hopes of the dead wicked man, or their loved ones, reaching Heaven or acquiring more wealth vanish with the death so they are at a loss. The unjust people whom he had promised power are left with no strength but iniquity. They had placed their hopes on people than on God, so the promises of the people died with them. Their promises of power do not come to pass.

The righteous are delivered from trouble. The righteous have hope. The righteous have a Saviour who did it all for them. The righteous were called out and chosen before they were in their mother’s womb. The righteous were made for God, by God, to fulfill His purpose. The righteous, when they die, have no more fear, sickness, wants, or needs, because they fulfill their one desire… to see the face of their Lord and Saviour. So, what are you waiting for? Stay prepared – repent of your sins, read the Word and stay obedient to it all day everyday while you still can.