Faith can bring down mountains


Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Psalms 37:5  (KJV)

All relationships are futile if the trust factor is amiss.  Trust builds relationships and lack of trust breaks relationships.

Our walk with God is no different. God cannot work properly in our lives if we do not trust in Him completely. By distrusting Him, we limit the wonderful things that God can do in our lives. God operates best in trust. The above scripture reminds us that by surrendering completely to the Lord and having faith in the Lord enables God to take complete control of our situations.  When we trust in the Lord we are making a head start to eternal happiness and joy. Afflictions will come. Trials and tribulations will bring us down. God never promised a perfect life for anyone.  However how much we trust God in these circumstances will determine God`s control over them.How wonderful it is to be able to give all our worries to the Lord and allow Him to take  complete charge. Lets make a commitment to God today that we will walk in faith and believe that God will right every wrong and correct every mistake and straighten every crooked path. God works best in trouble. If you want to see Gods miracle in your life, get into trouble- trusting Him through it all.


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