Faith or fear?


So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

Believe it or not, we have to pick either faith or fear in our lives every day. We settle on fear as we worry about our future, present or past. Fear consumes us and prevents us from achieving God’s perfect will for us. As a result, we lead mediocre lives without any value or substance. On the contrary, those who choose faith over fear live a different reality. With faith, they amplify God and not their problems. They can effortlessly achieve what may seem impossible to the world because their focus is not on challenges but the promises of God. Chances are, people around them are envious of seeing their blessed lives and want to imitate them but lack the faith to do it.

Faith arises as you accept the word of God into your life. Meditate on God’s word and delight in it day and night. The Holy Bible says what you hear has power over you. Though many people hear the word of God, nevertheless, their heart is not fertile enough for faith to grow and blossom. But God can remove a hardened heart and make it receptive to His word. When His word becomes alive and active in us, then faith takes root and bears fruit over our circumstances.

A life of faith is pleasing to God. Jesus Christ was in awe of the Centurion’s faith, not his humility or hospitality(Luke 7:1-10). Impress Jesus daily as you face impossible situations with a committed heart of faith in Him. Let us open our hearts to hear the promises of God way above the lies of the devil or the weaknesses of our bodies. Today, let our lives of faith be a blessing not just for ourselves but for others too.

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