Faith Unshaken


Praise the Lord! Praise, O servants of the Lord! Praise the name of the Lord! Psalm 113:1

In the era of Nebuchadnezzar, the Israelites faced captivity. Despite being trained in the ways of the Chaldeans, these Hebrew youths chose a different path. Refusing the king’s food that conflicted with their beliefs, they opted for a diet of vegetables, and God’s favor shone upon them, making their health surpass that of their peers. Elevated to the position of prime minister, Daniel acknowledged the greatness of the Hebrew God. Amid challenges, he and his friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, demonstrated unwavering faith, even surviving the fiery furnace through God’s miraculous intervention.

Fast forward to our present times, where economic uncertainties, shifting policies, and societal changes surround us. Yet, God remains unchanged. As His servants, whether in physical churches, online gatherings, or small prayer groups, we glorify the same eternal name.

We are in a generation of fast-moving pace, technology in everything, and no time for face-to-face talk or slowing down to help a stranger. Especially these days, God calls us to faithfully praise and serve Him and give importance to our natural surroundings. While good position, finances, spouse, house, car, and all other things in the world are for our needs and good, they are nothing before God almighty, who graciously grants us these. It’s better to acknowledge Him than to live a life away from him and see our lives being carried away.

On this International Men’s Day, we celebrate the roles men play in God’s divine plan for society. In worship and gratitude, let’s find strength to navigate the complexities of life. The challenges of expressing our faith in today’s world are real, but so is the unchanging nature of our God. As we reflect on this story, may we draw inspiration from these faithful men. In the face of adversity, let our commitment to God’s principles guide us. Let our worship be unwavering, whether in the grandeur of a church or in the intimacy of a home prayer meeting.

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