Faithfulness to a Saviour


Matthew 13:58—”And so he did only a few miracles there because of their unbelief.”

This section of scripture talks about when Jesus was rejected at his hometown – Nazareth. Jesus did not perform many miracles or mighty works there. What could be the reason? In Nazareth, people questioned Jesus’ teaching, His source of wisdom and knowledge, etc. The crucial reason why Jesus did not perform miracles was the unbelief in the Nazareth people. Unbelief is the great hindrance to Christ’s favours. Due to unbelief, we allow Jesus to pass us by.

Jesus is Almighty and all-knowing. He has lived in this world, so He is aware of what we go through.  But Jesus is a gentleman who won’t barge in our lives. He waits for us to approach Him. When we believe in His work on the Cross, we allow God to unleash His power for us. As a child of God, we inherit abundant benefits. Unbelief in Jesus severes our ties with God. It is only through our faith in Jesus that we can approach God, that we are justified in God and have our sins prepaid, and that we are co-heirs with Jesus.

In the Bible, Jesus tells us that all we need is faith the size of a mustard seed to move even a humongous mountain. We cannot wait for miracles to jumpstart our faith. Taking a leap in faith or putting faith into action starts with a small scratch for a greater purpose in life. If we find it hard to keep our faith in our hard times, we have spiritual medicines to boost this immunization. Listening to a Christian radio station, watching / listening to a sermon online, watching a Christian movie, reading an inspiring faith-based book, or praying with a friend can just do the trick. Keep faithful to Jesus as the Saviour who made our peace with God.