Free in Christ


2 Corinthians 3:17– “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

When we stare at a scenery covered by fog, no matter how much we strain our eyes to focus and see the view, it is impossible to see through that heavy layer that covers what we are trying to see.  We lose sense of depth; in case we are driving, we have to slow down as it can actually become a dangerous situation.  Or, as modern and as updated as a control tower in an airport can be, not even airplanes can take off in a situation of heavy fog or smoke, because it jeopardizes the safety of the passengers as it affects the signals which maintain everything in check.

It is a completely different situation when that fog is lifted.  Visibility becomes clear, we regain vision, understand better what we are looking at, and we can also see whatever could have been a threat for us.

It is the same thing when the Spirit of the Lord is within us.  Before Christ in our lives, we could not see or understand many things, our eyes and our minds were covered with a veil. Then Christ came into our hearts, and He removed the veil which covered our eyes, our minds, our hearts.

Christ in us gives us hope, gives us vision, gives us understanding, His Spirit within us gives us freedom.  He frees us from the powers of darkness, from the bondage of sin, shame, guilt, addictions, self-rejection, hatred, discord, anger, and ultimately, death.

Let us rejoice for the freedom purchased for us on the cross with the precious blood of Jesus, Who once and for all removed us from the kingdom of darkness that made us prisoners, and brought us into the kingdom of light, free in Christ.  Amen!

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