GOD Chooses YOU


In a surge of anger, I hid my face from you for a moment, but with everlasting kindness, I will have compassion on you,” says the Lord your Redeemer.: Isaiah 54:8 

Our sinful nature and thoughts are the biggest barricades, we create between us and GOD, when we sin and set up these barriers in our relationship with GOD, We tend to move away from HIM, by giving excuses such as, I am unworthy of GOD, What would GOD have to do with a sinner like me? maybe I was never meant for this relationship with GOD I don’t have what it takes for GOD to love me, etc etc. For a while, we think, maybe GOD is also thinking good riddance. But that is not the case, HE is right there where you left HIM.  Generally, when our loved ones have lost their way we tend to tell them, to stand right where they are, so it becomes easy for us to go find them, similarly, GOD is standing right where we left HIM so that it will become easy for us to find HIM.

GOD cannot remain angry at us forever because HE chooses not to be, HE chooses to love us, HE chooses to favor us, HE chooses to bless us, This is a deep thought, and let it sink in us deeply. HE is always FOR us and in our team. HE is waiting for you today, if you wandered away from HIM, thinking you are not enough, and not worthy of GOD please understand that HE loves you for your shortcomings and weaknesses, HE understands that you need HIM and HE chooses to be with you. Don’t let momentary pain and depression take away the eternal joy and pleasure you have in JESUS.

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  1. Shivaram
    25 May 2021 00:43:42 Reply

    Amen..Praise to the LORD Almighty Loving Gracious Father GOD.

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